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What style for my sheer curtains

The net curtains are usually the end point of your interior decorating, they filter the light in your home, they also protect you from eyes out, the choice of model materials is an important point. We offer on our site a number of quite sheer voluntarily reduced to facilitate your choice. You will find all the classics and of course the sheer embroidered curtain which is our specialty.
To enlighten you in your choice, here is a detailed description of our different types of sheer:

- The sheer plain white or ecru, a must for a classic design and understated. The sheer white remains bright, sheer ecru gives a slightly warmer in your home.
- The sheer "fantasy" is also quite simple while providing little pattern, you will find this style of curtain on the model of "Alice", "Celine" in white and "Elise".
- The embroidered curtain which is our specialty, different styles are available, more or less embroidered, from classic to modern.

We offer different types of attachment on our custom curtains: the rod that passes is a rod pocket where you pass the rod inside the curtain, the attachment system is mainly used for small widths of nets. Gathering tape or Rufflette that allows the curtains put on small hooks or rails, this method is generally used for large widths of sheer. The eyelets that allow lay the curtains on a bar with a nice finish.

What material or thick curtains to choose for my curtains ?

The choice of the thickness of the net is an important parameter for your home, it must be chosen according to the light you want to let go or otherwise screened. Must also choose based on your towards, and if you want to stay away from prying eyes.

  • The sheer linen or etamine in polyester and linen are thicker, they are the ones that provide the greatest concealment from the outside, the counterpart is that they leave a little less light into your home. The brightness remains quite correct, they will not darken your home.
  • The sheer linen and terylene with matte and the sheer "sable" to look a little brighter gives a good compromise on maintaining the privacy of your home without obscuring the light.
  • The sheer voile classic is one of the lightest and let light into your home.
  • The organza curtains are lighter, almost transparent. You can find on the models "Amelie" and "Sophia"

Know that we are at your disposal for further information by e-mail for sending samples. Simply send us an email with the reference of sheer selected as well as your shipping address.

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