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Are you thinking of revamping your room in the marine theme? This page is dedicated to you! Discover here all of our nautical and seaside style curtains. Among this selection, you will find cafe curtains and straight sheers that will adapt particularly well to marine decorations in a seaside villa or bathroom.

Fish window curtain

Fish window curtain

Perfect to complete a sea-themed decor, available to measure with embroidery colors of your choice.

Headlight pointed curtain

Pointed Headlight curtain

Sea theme atmosphere with choice of embroidery color, tailor-made

Seaside curtain with headlight

Lace cafe curtain "Phare"

An blue white lace curtain with headlight available in 12, 24 36 inches height.

Trawler macrame cafe curtain

Cafe curtain "Trawler"

White-blue curtain with a marine and fishing theme available in 12, 26 and 39 inches in height, width by the yard by the cut.

Dolphin pointed curtain

Pointed Dolphin curtain

A marine ambiance decor, perfect in your bathroom, available to measure in different colors.

Pointed shell window curtain

Pointed Shell window curtain

Sea decor atmosphere, embroidered with a shell in the color of your choice, available to measure.

Seaside pointed lace curtain

Pointed seaside curtain

Seaside theme curtain available in 18, 24 and 28 inches width, custom height cut.

Dolphin pointed curtain

Embroidered curtain "Dolphin"

Made to measure curtain with an embroidered dolphin. Pointed or straight finishing.

Custom made seaside  curtain

Seaside lace curtain "Voilier"

A made to measure lace curtain with seaside theme pattern available in white ou ecru.

Decorative sea lace curtain

Macrame lace cafe curtain "Coté Mer"

For a sea decoration atmosphere, embroidered color available in 12, 24 and 36 inc high.

Seagull small curtain

Embroidered curtain "Seagull"

Made to measure curtain with Seagull embroidered pattern. Pointed or straight finishing.

Blue embroidery seaside sheer curtain

Sheer lace curtains "Oceane"

Seaside theme with blue embroidery available in white up to 112 inches high, made to measure.

Pointed sailboat window curtain

Pointed boat curtain

Window curtain with a maritime atmosphere available to measure and colors of your choice.

Anchor straight window curtain

Anchor window curtain

Bring a touch of marine decor to your windows, available to measure and in a color of your choice.

Boat Macrame lace curtain

Lace cafe curtain "Voilier"

Boat lace curtain available in 24 inches height in natural color, Custom width.

Yardage seaside themed curtain

Four winds seaside curtain

White curtain with bleu and grey embroidery available in 17, 23 and 28 inches width, custom height.

Grey boat embroidered cafe curtain

Boat café curtain "Bateau"

Sleek white curtain sea atmosphere with gray embroidery available in 23 and 35 inc height, width by the yard.

Anchor embroidered curtain

Embroidered curtain "Anchor"

Pointed made to measure curtain with anchor pattern.

Seaside theme curtain curtain

Embroidered curtain "Theme Mer"

Seaside curtain with headlight, boat, anchor and seagull available in differents height, custom cut width.

Pointed themed curtain seagull

Seagull pointed window curtain

Sea decor atmosphere, seagull embroidered window curtain available to measure, colors of your choice.

Sea embroidered curtain

Sea lace curtain "Motif Marin"

Made to measure curtain with fish embroidered pattern, available custom made

Maritime themed pointed curtain

Pointed "Bienvenue" widow curtain

Maritime atmosphere on this curtain finished in point with an embroidered buoy, available to measure.

Gull lace curtain

Cafe curtain "Goeland"

Sea side theme lace curtain available in 12, 23, 36 inches height, custom width available.

Sea decor curtain Anchor

Cafe curtain "Anchor"

For a sea decor, available in 18, 24.8 and 36 inc wide and available by the yard in height.

Macrame lace curtain with fish

Lace cafe curtain "Poisson"

Perfect bathroom curtains with fish, available in 13 and 25 inc height. Custom width.

Anchor colored macrame lace curtain

Macrame curtain "Ancre"

Top-of-range color lace curtain available in many sizes, a beautiful light pattern with red blue anchor.

Seaside linen and Organza lace curtain

Seaside lace curtain "Bord de Mer"

Seaside embroidered curtain available in 18.8, 24 and 28.4 inches width, custom height.

Buoy embroidered curtain

Embroidered curtain "Bienvenue"

Made to measure curtain with buoy embroidered pattern. Pointed or straight finishing.

Small made to measure curtain shellfish

Embroidered curtain "Shellfish"

Made to measure curtain with shellfish pattern. Pointed or straight finishing.

Sea lace curtain

Tier lace curtain"Marine"

An organza and linen curtain with blue boat and anchor available in 12, 22 and 36 inches height, custom width.

Headlight embroidered curtain

Embroidered curtain "Phare"

Made to measure curtain with headlight pattern. Pointed or straight finishing.

How to choose my seaside curtain ?

Seaside themed curtain

Most nautical theme curtains use the traditional colors, white and blue. However, you can create a warmer atmosphere with natural fiber ecru linen colors. We offer this style of cafe-curtain or straight curtains made to measure with representative motifs such as sailboats, anchor, fish, seagulls and shells.

The macrame curtain remains a must for Breton-style windows, it is resistant to any test despite their delicate appearance. Its manufacture is the result of a unique know-how made in Haut de France. They are also available in different marine motifs.

All these curtains are available in many sizes and also made to measure. Choose your curtains that will ideally find their place in your marine-inspired decoration.

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