Machine made embroidery

French macrame lace, embroidery designing and production.

Step 1 : Designing the model

The very first step to design a model consists in drawing it on paper.

The drawing will be enlarged six times - to be able to be encoded by punching a hardpaper band, just like the jacquard system. This step is called the "mise en carte".

Step 2 : Encoding the model

Once the "mise en carte" is done the drawing is placed on a "pricking machine".

Then, the pricking is done, that is to say, each embroidery stitch (thousands for macrame lace) is encoded (punched) according to the jacquard system on a hardpaper band.

Step 3 : Embroidery production

The punched band is then placed on the embroidery machine. It is the model’s programme.

The punched band contains the codes directing the big frame inside the machine. The needles always prick at the same place. The macrame lace production takes a long time as thousands of embroidery stitches are necessary. The realisation of a 60 cm wide item can sometimes take a whole day.

Indeed, the macrame lace must hold together without its textile support, which will be disingregated by heat (at around 200° C).

It is that process that will give the transparency caracteristic of the macrame lace.

Step 4 : The finishing touches

Before eliminating the supporting textile, it is necessary to repair by hand all the embroidery imperfections due to the breaking of a spool or shuttle thread.

These finishing steps are very important in order to obtain the faultless quality product we are proud to sell.

Once the supporting textile is disintegrated, we cut the different supporting strings by hand.

Sometimes we also need to do some finishing touches such as colouring, making, etc.After all these steps, we get a finished article

See video of our embroidery machine in France.

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