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Do you want to create a mountain atmosphere in your interior or dress the windows of your chalet? This page brings together all of our mountain-style curtains that will bring the cozy atmosphere and the warm atmosphere sought. The installation of your curtain or cafe curtain will finalize the decorative touch and the friendly atmosphere that you wish to express because it is the decorative element that will be visible both from the inside and from the outside.

Deer pointed curtain

Deer window curtain

Ideal for harmonizing a mountain-themed decor, available to measure in different colors.

Pointed window curtain chalet

Pointed cottage curtain

Ideal to complete a mountain decoration, embroidered in different colors on white or natural, custom-made.

Gnome, elves cafe curtain

Embroidered cafe curtain "Luntins"

Gnomes for a child's bedroom or for a Christmas decoration, available 24 inches height.

Lace cafe curtain Poinsettia

Cafe curtain "Poinsettia"

Ideal for finalizing a Christmas decoration, available in 6.5, 24 and 36 inc height.

Heart themed moutain curtain

Cafe curtain "Petit cœur"

Themed moutain available in 18, 24, 30 and 36 inches width, custom height

Cosy chic mountain theme curtain

Cosy chic cafe curtain "Megeve"

Top of range curtain with wooden heart, available in 12, 24 and 35 inc height, custom width.

Gentiane colored macrame curtain

Colored macrame curtain "Gentiane"

Top of range colored macrame curtain available in 3 differents width, custom height.

Chamois curtain

Embroidered curtain "Chamois"

Chamois mountain themed curtain available pointed or straight finishing, made to measure

Moutain theme curtain

Embroidered curtain "Chalet"

Mountain theme curtain available pointed or straight finishing, made to measure

Medaillon macrame curtain

Medaillon Cafe curtain

Look linen cafe curtain with macrame avaialble in 12, 23, 36 and 47 inches height, custom wdith cut.

Heart embroidered curtain edelweiss

Cafe curtain "Coeur Edelweiss"

Heart embroidered curtain available in 12, 24, 36 and 46 inc height, custom width

Heart embroidery curtain

Heart curtain "Coeur"

Made to measure heart embroidered curtain with 3 differents embroidery color, straight or pointed

Deer lace curtain

Embroidered curtain "Chevreuil"

Ivory look linen roe deeer lace curtain availalble 12, 24 and 36 inches height, width in custm cut.

Grey heart cafe curtain

Embroidered curtain "Coeur"

Splendid embroidered heart in gray, available in 6.8, 24 or 36 inchigh, width at cutout.

Deer embroidred curtain

Embroidery curtain "Cerf"

Deer embroidered curtain on ivory fabric availalbe in 12, 24 and 36 inc height, custom width.

Chalet curtain

Embroidered curtain "Chalet"

Theme of mountain curtain available in 12, 22.8 and 34.8 inches height, custom width.

Small heart embroidered curtain

embroidered curtain "Petits Coeurs"

Red voile embroidered curtain available in 3 differents widths, custom height.

Red heart lace curtain

Lace cafe curtain "Coeur"

A red heart lace curtain available in 12, 25 and 36 inches height. Custom width.

Colored gentian lace curtain

Lace cafe curtain "Gentianes"

A gentian colored lace curtain available in 12, 18 , 24 , 36 and 50 inches height, custom width.

Lodge Macrame lace curtain

Lace cafe curtain "chalet"

Moutain theme decortaion wit hchalet pattern, availalbe in 14 and 26 inc heignt, custom width.

Red heart macrame lace curtain

Heart macrame curtain "Coeurs"

Top-of-range color lace curtain available in many sizes, a beautiful light pattern with red hearts.

How to choose my mountain curtain ?

Mountain themed lace curtain

These curtains are traditionally decorated with hearts, these are the typical motifs of mountain decoration. They are also representative with chalets, fauna or flora of the mountain. offer different types of curtains depending on the decoration you want to represent. The macrame curtain and cafe curtain with its deliciously retro look obviously finds its place in a mountain decoration, it brings a cozy side that cannot be found anywhere else. Delicately embroidered, it is the result of a long French craftsmanship.
The short curtain in sheer curtain or pointed curtain are embroidered on different materials such as cheesecloth, linen effect or linen which reveals the natural fibers and gives all the charm of a warm atmosphere.
All these curtains are available in many sizes and some are made entirely to measure, they will be in perfect harmony with a decoration that evokes the mountain and its charms.

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