Choosing kitchen curtains

How to choose kitchen curtain

Decorate your kitchen window is the element that gives the final touch to your decor. To choose your kitchen curtain, you should choose the style that suits your decor. Here are the different styles that are available to you :

Macrame lace Kitchen curtain

You bring a lot of character, they agree completely with a Victorian, charming decoration. They are perfect if you have a kitchen with wood elements waxed or varnished. Their prices are a little higher, but they have the advantage of being timeless, classic and hard-wearing and easy to care.
There is now a new generation of macrame café curtain made of a mixture of materials such as organza or muslin models "lily", "venics", "alliance" or "harmonie" and that may very well agree with much more modern style.

Voile kitchen curtain

It can be done in several materials: linen, organza, etamine depending on the light or opacity you want to leave your window, large or small height. You will find the rather country style with models "cerise", "Pot d’épices", "oranger" or "campagne" made of linen or linen look. Model "lavander" gives a special charm and is very light due to its composition organza.

In a more discreet and sober models you will find embroidered etamine as "Broderie anglaise", "paquerettes" model and a more likely embroidered sheer "capuccinno." They have the advantage of being able to marry all styles of interior decoration. The same spirit tallest sailing is available on models "Jade" and "store."

We try to be the most complete, however, we invite you to contact us by email if you want more information about it.

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