Sheer curtain "Lin"



A classic polyester and linen plain sheer curtain available in ecru or white. A made to measure is available, our sheer curtains are made to the customers exact specification. please contact us for special request.

You can order this item by the yard at this page Sheer curtains by the yard "Lin"
We highly recommend to read our FAQ before ordered your good size of curtains.

  • Made of 80 % Tergal 20 % lin
  • Thick sheer
  • Easy care

Consumer reviews

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Carol (San Pedro Ca)
- 2017/02/02

Very satisfied.

This was just what I was looking for, a sheer but with a bit of a linen feel. Great value for such nice quality. For more privacy I used the sheer to line a lace curtian. This works well as you can see the lace pattern while letting in plenty of light. It was so great to get the exact measurement I needed. Thank you!

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